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Monday, April 18, 2016

Bitter Almonds--a Book Reviewed

As an author, I read many books from all the genres.  Most I enjoy and a few I find too good to not share.  Such is "Bitter Almonds."  I am pleased to post my review and urge you to add it to your bookshelf.

The author of this exemplary book has a unique way of connecting with the wider world bringing to the reader an intimate story of a family facing the drama of living in a torn country, experiencing the love-hate relationships within the close-knit family of Mama Subhia and Uncle Mustafa, yet sentimental when both Omar and his best friend Marwan fall in love with Nadia, the beautiful daughter. Struggling in their efforts to resolve the conflict, traditional customs require patience and sacrifice. This is a story of a family where greed, selfishness, and intrigue, as well as deep love and affection, cross cultural lines and will be recognized by all as universal. My favorite character is Huda and you'll have to read the book to determine why.  

This is an important book not only from the intriguing story but written at a time when understanding within multicultures is pivital to achieving harmony and peace in our time.   

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