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Monday, May 28, 2012

                    ROAD TOO NARROW
                      Barbara  A. Andrews

The roads of my ancestors were rocky and narrow
Winding through earth’s contours.
Mountains above, crevices below
Each turn unknown but to the creator.

Trails entered forests and emerged as plains
Travelers lost amid the trees
Wild grasses deep in the ground
To defy the stick and the plow.

Yet each upon the trail had a dream
A calling to life just over the hill.
At day’s end, his dream unabated
To forge ahead to tomorrow’s tomorrow.

The dreams of our dreamers did not know
Bottomless swamps and endless cane.
Rivers too swift and wide to cross,
To perilous shores across the way.

The dreams of our dreamers were rooted in faith
Their cause was right—their destiny ahead,
The turns in the road awaiting a choice
Not slowed by a road too narrow.

Life for me, a trail, tedious and slow
Will I travel it, where will I go.
To choose among its many turns
To which way or that way, I do not know.

Will I pass life’s twisted turns
To challenge a road found far too narrow
Trapped within my mind’s impasse
To rise from the comfort of the known.

How many songs remained unsung
How many footsteps missed the dance
How many unknown friends were let to pass
How many dreams ended at morn?

As life advances to a predictable end
And memory recalls the roads that were
A question remains for me to ponder
Have I pursued a road too narrow?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

ON THIS MONTH --  1683

                              THOMAS ELLIS - Born May 27, 1683
                              Proginator -- Ellis Family in the United States
                              Fifth Great Grandfather of Warren Ellis, Rose
                              Nuernberger, and Bobi Andrews
Immigrated from Wales to Pennsylvania in 1707.

5/26/1757-Bonds in the hand of Thomas Ellis ordered lodged in the
hands of his son, Mordecai Ellis.

Thomas Ellis was the leading Elder of the Society of Friends
in all Pennsylvania in 1736. He belonged to the Exeter MM. He
reprimanded Sarah Boone sister of Daniel Boone (father Squire
Boone) who was also a prominent family in the Exeter community.

Exeter Monthly Meeting Memorial for Thomas Ellis:

Thomas Ellis of Exeter meeting was born in or near Merionethshire
in the north of Wales in the year 1683 and came to Pennsylvania
about the 24th year of his age, and soon after was Convinced
of the Truth, married Jane Hughes, of Haverford meeting in the year
1712. (Thomas was from Gwynwedd; Jane from Haverford). Their
wedding was witnessed by David Meridith, Edward Rees,
Edward Roberts, John Jones, Ellis Lewis, Ellis Pugh, Evan Pugh,
David Pugh, John Hughes, Ellen Hughes, Ellis Hughes, Margaret
Hughes, Gainor Hughes. On the Ellis side were Humphrey Ellis,
Rowland Ellis and Caderwalder Ellis.

He was a hearty lover of Friends and an Elder upwards of thirty
years; spent some time in accompanying traveling friends to visit
Friends in the back parts of Virginia; was of an innocent life and
conversation, a diligent attendant of our meetings both for worship
and Discipline, whilst of ability of Body, and Exemplary in Humble
Waiting therein.

Although towards the latter part of His Time he was pretty much
deprived of His natural Faculties and became like unto a child yet
in the main quiet and Still to the end of His time here, which was
11th of the 6 mo, 1760, aged about 77 years.
Signed on behalf of Exeter meeting held at Maiden Creek, 7.29.1762.

Lightfoot, Clerk.