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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Robin Portfolio -- TRIBUTE TO MRS. ROBIN

You may not know it, but . . . 

        Your cheerful chirp and one-of-a-kind chortle
really, really MAKE OUR DAY! 

        Your early morning rising is truly a gift. YOU WAKE UP THE DAY FOR US. 
        You don't complain. Your chirps and chortles help us cope with our heavy loads!
         We notice you can be quite touchy at times with unexpected noises, but today we were amazed that  while Ken mowed our lawn, you didn move a  feather!  We now consider you our family and are pleased  you have learned to trust us.
       Although we look for you as the first sign of   Spring, we occasionally see a group of you in       the winter picking at the bits and pieces of our dried crabapples from the previous fall. Makes me want to put a zip bag of worms in our freezer for you.
        So, even in the dreads of our Iowa winter blizzards, you bring HOPE and COURAGE!
       Now it's spring. Godspeed and God bless.

                                                                                       --Rose Nuernberger


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