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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Robin Portfolio - TOP SONGS


                                           ROSE'S ROBIN

            What are your favorite  songs?
                  Rhapsody in Blue
                  Dont Fence Me In  (I wish) 
                  "Mrs. Robinson"

          As your eggs hatch?
                  Oh, What a Beautiful Morning
                  "Three Is Enough 

          What is your favorite hymn?
                   This Is My Fathers World
                   His Eye Is on The Sparrow
                       (and Me, too!)

         These, for sure.
                    Singin In the Rain
                    Blue Skies         
                     "Tiptoe Through the Tulips

         And, or course, my theme song --
                      When the Red, Red, Robin, Comes
                       Bob _.-._Bob_.-._ Bobbing_.-._ Along
           A song for humans to ponder?
                   The Best Things In Life
                     Are Free        

        A song or two for us oldies to reminisce?
              "Home Sweet Home
             Home On the Nest
             Born Free

                                                 --Rose Nuernberger

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