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Sunday, May 1, 2016


            ROBIN PORTFOLIO                   

                     PICTORIAL JOURNAL

              4/21/16  Nest done. Been sittin' all day.  Mama's hungry!

Robin's nest outside Rose Nuernberger's Window
4/22/16-4/27/16  Eggs!  Don't worry. Be right back.  Gone just a minute to get a bite to eat!

Still sittin.

5/7/16. Mother's Day! Two pink bundles buried in the bottom of the nest, one egg yet to hatch.  Papa robin checked in and then took off.  Mama left to find worms.

5/7/16  Mama listening. Quiet. Maybe there are worms in there somewhere. . .
Three snug nestlings

5/7/16 (3:30 pm)  -- All three accounted for!
Robin population +3
5/10/16       No one starving here!
5/12/16    A Classic Robin Picture
(Seldom do we see it in a real picture)

5/15/16  Can't believe it.  Robin
was just a baby a few days ago.

5/19/16 The real thing.  Dinner's coming.

5/20/16   My how time flies.  This little guy
will take wing soon!

5/21/16  The lingerer--finally got a room of my own! Besides, who'd want to leave a
comfy nest?
5/21/16  He got the memo.  Time to

When we got up this morning, there was only one robin
left in the nest.   Apparently, the other two took off some
time last night.  I kept an eye on he/her during breakfast....
she/he seemed pretty fidgety. So, I got out my camera,
watched her/him preen him/herself a bit...    
Then she/he turned around, and fluttered her/his wings,
and snuck out the back door!  The nerve of her/him! 

So, I didn't get a good picture except the empty nest!

So, apparently, they "followed the rules" of what
the computer said about them taking flight in their 13-15
days of being nestlings.  

Didn't see any sign of Mrs. Robin this morning....she
must've been out "to Palm Beach".   She apparently
thought the last fledgling would finally get the hint and go
and "search for his own worms".


for "our three 'pinkish-reddish bubblegum wads" of 

babyhood for what has been MAGNIFICENT

entertainment for all of us!

 -Rose Nuernberger
From  Jerry B.   
"Maybe the surrogate dad, Ken, should go to the bait shop and buy some worms.  Better yet, surrogate mom, Rose, could scurry up an omelet and toast for the young'uns.
From Bobi A
Maybe you should water the robin's worm hunting ground to make the worms come to the surface.  Bet you didn't think you'd ever get such a great birthday and Mother's Day present, did you?
Rose Nurernberger
As our blog says, all three hatchlings are accounted for:
Robin population +3.
At the present, they more or less look like three pinkish- reddish polygons.  With my imagination working over time, they appear to be starting to get their furry down covering.  We are now moving from gynecology to pediatrics.
Momma is very private about feeding.   She enters with  worm in her
mouth, and instinctively heads to the inside edge of the nest,
with her tail sticking straight out.  She bobbles up and down but 
we can't see really see much of what else she is doing.  Spying
on her when she's not there, we see the lil bodies starting to
Dad is helping, too!  He seems to bring "home the bacon" but
doesn't stay.  I've seen both of them at the nest only several times.
Usually, they meet coming and going.  I haven't quite picked
up their feeding schedule, but it seems like it is on-going most
of the day.  Often times, Momma Bird is gone quite awhile. 
Worms must be mighty scarce.
                      Stay tuned -- more is coming!









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