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Monday, May 23, 2016


The best of life is taking little things and blending them into our larger lives. Jerry B. does an excellent job of this in his thoughts on Rose's robins. Thank you!  -- Bobi Andrews

For Rose's Robin Log (if lucky to make the short list)

The pleasant and ethereal delight of bird chirps, grunts and groans as I lounge on the back deck by the Lake. What goes into the life, or for that matter, the day to day living of a bird, both parent and child? 

As I regale on the back deck taking in the sounds and bliss of the chirps and others of natures beauty, who's scheduling and planning and teaching and mentoring this nature to do  the Right Things?  Who plans out that the Mommy birds know about nests, birth, foraging for food, heck, keeping a Daddy bird happy to help in life's process. We humans lavish ourselves with self help this and self help that.  We boast with pride our degrees, our medals, our trophies, our stuff. We make sure we have training to take the test that measure our training to be admitted to college.  We try to trick the "system" to be better than, maybe, we really are.  We should stop for a moment to gather in what nature does to survive, not for accolade.  

We talk about stopping and smelling the roses, but do we?  When life's human external pressures weigh on our time
and thought and breath, we don't linger to wonder, imagine and regale with intent why this nature thing all works.  We say it's God's plan but shouldn't we read more between the
lines of natures existence.  For that matter, please contemplate a birds very survival coming into the World on  Day 1 and being told to move out of the House (nest) by Day 13.  Who told the baby bird how to forage, fly, live, build a nest, fight off foes and still regale in the place they live?  And in the time half the cycle of the Moon's turn, we take this baby bird from a bliss of existence to its very survival.  We humans are blessed to live amongst such turmoil and success of nature
as we navigate our own paths with a longer incubation of our Mom's and Dad's plying our assets we bring into the World.  

Thank goodness I wasn't kicked out of the house on Day 13.  I'm still struggling to manage all of Life's wonders at 55 years.   

If you're lucky enough to digest Rose's Life Log of the "Robin's  in the Bush", I hope you will have some of these thoughts to stretch your mind.  May Happiness and Joy always lead our Wondering and Imagination to the "What-if" around us!!

 Jerry B.  

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