Ready to Read

Ready to Read
Historical Novels -Bobi Andrews

Thursday, June 9, 2016




Seems to have infinite beginnings
   but never absolute endings
      always has "and then"

Seems to have an assortment of aromas
   From a musty-cobwebbed cave to a
        jammed shelf in the corner
               of the garage

Doesn't seem to get its feelings hurt
   seems to always have something
      to chuckle about

Doesn't seem to have any distinct
   working or business hour schedule,
      no 8:00 am - 5:00 pm work days
         fact, sometimes 1:00 am is its most
            productive time.

Doesn't depend upon Competition,
   doesn't need the ego of winning.

IS totally unpredictable
   Its Motto is:
       Whenever the idea P O P S
          melt the butter
              shake on the salt
              have a large bowl ready!

Takes trips
   without going anywhere
      no expensive tickets needed
         "often fuzzy" on destination.

Often hides and plays Peek-a-Boo
   but eventually shows up in an articulate
      spider web-or a puppy chasing his tail.

TASTES everything
  LISTENS to every sound
    WALKS in the spookiest places
       has sixteen assorted wigs
          Wears Cinderella's Golden slippers

  Has ten letters--the Perfect 10
          Has only eight never to
             catch up with the Perfect 10.
                   Sometimes sniffs, snorts, and grunts
                       more often it "Whistles a Happy Tune"
                          to make sure that we
                            "Let a Smile Be Its Umbrella".

                                    GOD BLESS!  

Creativity--ISN'T just thinking "Outside the
Box" . . .  actually, there is NO BOX!
             (Only a faint dotted line, if you insist.)

                                                   -- Rose Nuernberger