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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mystery of the Red Maple

I think God (G) plays with Mother Nature (MN) just to find out if she notices his ingenuity or not.  Take the Japanese maple.  Doesn't MN know trees bud green in the spring and then turn red and orange in the fall?  Surely, she does . . . everybody does. Some trees, like fruit trees and red buds, bloom first but when the leaves appear, they are green.  I can't think of another single tree where the full leaves take on color first and then during the summer and fall morph into greens, oranges, and yellows. 
Well, evidence to the contrary is above.  My ten-year-old maple blooms every spring with its bright red leaves emerging from red dangly blossoms.  The redness stays a few months until the heat of the sun begins to fade the red, and when someone brings the chlorophyll, the leaves gradually turn green. Actually during the season, as you watch, they have three or four stages of varying reds, greens, and browns as if someone didn't make up their mind or tried to fix it by dabbling in the wrong paint box.
It's incumbent on all of us, if not politically correct, to ponder the mystery of this strange reversal. Did G give MN his instruction book upside down? Or in an obstinate moment, did MN take it upon herself, and when Tweeted if she'd been negligent in following G's Will, threw down her hands and sassed, "I ain't debating. I just did it. What are you going to do about it?"
A second possibility. It may be that G got mixed up. He never does, but it could have happened that in a confused moment, he may have thought he asked for the creation of a flower but contrary to his talking points, it turned out a tree!  A political foul-up, surely, but a conspiracy upsetting the universe?  I think not.
Scooter took an exit poll. The yard denizens reflect apathy. Evidently it's not a two-party system in my yard (probably all independents). However, the red cardinal says its okay, he doesn't give a hoot (oops momentarily got him mixed up with an owl.)  It suits him just fine to be a red bird in a red tree.  Couldn't catch the New York red dragonfly to ask his opinion. But I can hear him now. "Are you all stupid, or something?  I have to tell you, we great dragonflies hover and swit over water.  (Please note, I didn't say sh_t.)  I personally prefer a very tall fence to a tree."
A loud voice protests from the banana orchard, "Don't see why they'd blame a MN?  Just because she's a woman?"
Shucks. Enough of this.  I'm going back to see how Ute, my ancestral horse thief, is doing in my closet  (ref: September, 2012).   

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