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Tuesday, February 9, 2016



My backyard with its koi pond and feeders is a haven for squirrels and

birds.   We've had a family of cardinals for years with the male red

contrasting within the green bushes and their showy appearance at the

feeders spectacular.  I've always liked cardinals.  Who doesn't?

However, sometime in the last three months, Mama Cardinal has

developed a neurosis.  She lands at the feeder and then flies against the

living room and kitchen windows, her head and beak pounding like

someone knocking at my door. She does this all day.  Papa

Cardinal, on the other hand,  lands at the feeder and then flies

away totally disclaiming any responsibility for the antics of mama bird.    


There's no bird psychologist listed in the yellow pages and she doesn't

appear to harm herself.  I don't know if she and papa cardinal are on the

outs and she is lonely, or what?  Well, anyway . . . until spring . . .

 "Knock Knock"

 "Who's there?"

"Me, dumb cardinal."   

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