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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Granddaughter Replies

This is in response to Grandpa Ellis, his ice cream "gene" and his bucking bronco riding.  This doesn't seem to be the Grandpa that I knew.  He was so gentle, patient, and loving.  He lived with us six months and then with my uncle's family for six months--changing back and forth.  One of my favorite memories of him is sitting on his lap and pulling out his lil' comb from his pocket and combing his hair.  He had a little wave in the front, and it was fun to comb it and comb it and comb it.  We probably had some wonderful "Grandpa to granddaughter" chats, but I only remember his gentleness in letting me comb his hair "endlessly."  Grandpa riding a bucking bronco?  Giving his horse a "whipping"?  You must be referring to Roy Rogers' grandpa!  Well, Grandpa may have done a lot of "whooping-dooping" on those broncoes, but I'll take the Grandpa that let me sit on his lap and comb his hair.  He probably didn't leave any sizeable monetary gift when he passed away, but he certainly left for all of us the "gifts of the Spirit" in being so gentle, kind and tenderhearted.  As I am in my late seventies now, it has been heart-warming to think of Grandpa again and to recollect this "little thing" that seemed very, very big to me at the time!  And it still does!  -- Rose Ellis Nuernberger.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder about the "wonder of families". The gifts of children that God has given each of us...and then their children...and on it goes. May we never take these precious blessings for granted.