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Ready to Read
Historical Novels -Bobi Andrews

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Currently, I have an ancestral database covering over 19,000 individuals and families. Through the years of research and through the assistance of a great many people, I have stories that may be of interest to you as well as four fictional novels using our ancestors as a base. During the next year I will take a family at a time, give a chart of relationships, and pass on stories that have been accumulated. Because I write novels, I will be careful to mark those that are fictional.

The first attachment are descendents of Charles Jefferson Ellis. If your immediate or recognizable ancestor is on the chart, you will probably enjoy the stories. Because of the limitations on printing very large charts, I have not listed all of the generations available. The Ellis family itself has over eleven generations in the database. Since I am new at using Blogs, let me have your questions and comments to make it better.

My aim is to bring our family together!

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