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Ready to Read
Historical Novels -Bobi Andrews

Tuesday, November 22, 2016



Many of us are in the throes of the 
aging process.  The date of our birth 
hasn't changed nor has some 
unknown force added years to the 
calendar that we didn't know about.  
It is 2016!

Our later years may have 
been spent as long term 
caregivers (including me).  We may find our life 
turned topsy-turvey.  If our dear ones suffered  
Alzheimers or some neurological disease, we 
lost them long before death showed its mercy 
and took them to a far better place.  When we get 
fancy and label ourselves seniors, we don't  
disguise much.

There are some things that are given--We tell 
ourselves to get a grip and live with them:

          We will lose our fingernail clippers.
          We will lose track of where we parked 
                    the car at the mall. 
          We will audibly creak--it's not the floorboards.                           
          We forget what we were looking for in the pantry.
          We put off cleaning out the fridge, washing the 
                    outside windows, pouring Clorox in the 
                    toilet, etc. etc. etc.  (Much preferred:
                    write a friend, read a good book, listen 
                    to good music.)
          We look at ourselves on Kindle Fire with a "selfie" 
                    and say, "My, My. Is this really me?"

Must I go on?  You've got me pegged.   But I hasten to 
add that there are lessons to be learned, a life to live, 
a joy beyond all wonder.

          We can fix the television when it goes wrong 
                   (as long as the DISH technical support 
                    representative is on the other end of 
                    the line.)
          We have found the third way to fix leftovers.
          We can endure the mess of cleaning out the 
                    skimmer pump on the koi pond.
          We can park the car in a narrow garage in the 
                    face of a storm.
          We can successfully avoid looking at the pristine, 
                    new looking stationary bike stored in 
                    the garage.
          We know to yell "HELP" when all else fails.

When we fail to recognize our accomplishments or 
to look forward to tomorrow, we may be tempted to let 
the dirty thought enter our mind:  "Hey, we're getting 
too old."  We need to recognize that someone or 
something provided us a world in which to live, but our 
Creator is firm.  It is our responsibility to do the living. 
So . . . try this list (I did).
          Keep gas in the car--you might want to go 
                    somewhere when the phone rings.
          Whatever your hobby or avocation--keep active.
          Find others or belong to groups striving to 
                    make some wrong right.
          Learn something new and share it.
          Find someone to laugh with.  (Life is funny)
          Realize that as we age, we can do anything we 
                    please--most of our judging compatriots are 
                    infirm or are passing on.  
          Learn to talk the real world--computer technology, 
                    smart  phones, political jargon, financial 
                    and investment parameters, trendy
                    fashions, hit songs, good books.  (Mmmm--
                    not a high score on some of these items.)
          Stay mobile--exercise, exercise, exercise.  (I'll 
                    give you the phone number of the Silver 
                    Sneakers program.)
          However improbable you think the outcome, don't 
                    pass up an opportunity for an adventure, 
                    something new or reawakened. Le
                    yourself feel the joy.
          Don't expect to receive from others if not willing 
                    to give of yourself.
          Make new friends and keep dear ones close.
          Look for memory-challenging exercises or 
                    amusements: Cross-word and jig-saw 
                    puzzles, counted cross stitch embroidery, 
                    original  writing, reading music, Bridge--
                    the things you were too busy to do before. 
          Learn the names (and use them) for the clerks 
                   you see frequently and those that provide 
                   services for you.  Neat thing:  good feeling--
                   you will hear them call your name back.


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