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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What you don't know about carrots

carrots colorful purple
Source:  Organic Authority

There's trivia and then there is real trivia.  
My expose on carrots is in the latter category.  
Can't think of a soul who would count this 
as important information. 
But anyhow . . .

Went to a very good Japanese restaurant 

the other night and with my soft shelled crab, 
came a garnishment of a white-something 
shredded.  Taste of the garnish was
not familiar and I couldn't place what it was.  
Asked the waiter and he went to the kitchen 
and came back and said it was "carrots".  

Why the mystery of the garnish stayed 

in my mind--really no logical reason other 
than a misguided curiosity. Well, I found 
out that carrots way back in the 17th Century
could be purple, black, red, white, orange, 
yellow. Seems like nobody cared which 
color until someone decided to make 
them orange in honor of the Dutch House of 
Orange. Every since, most carrots are 
orange except for those in the know who 
enjoy puzzling the public with something 
different.  Incidentally, they were good.

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