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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Amazing, Really Amazing

Feedback from readers is always a thrill, but can you beat the
following?  I don't think so! 

Bernice found out about Dear Mama, Love Sarah from my sister,
Rose, who lives in Bettendorf, Iowa.  Bernice is not just an ordinary
 reader--she is 98 years old and loves a good story.  

Seems Bernice has a younger sister (age 96) who lives in a
San Diego nursing home. This sister is very alert but has poor eyesight.
The sisters call each other frequently, and as we might do, they inquire
 about what each is doing.  On a recent occasion,  Bernice replied
that she was reading a really good book written by a friend's sister and
illustrated by her friend.

Not to be bested,  the San Diego sister told her daughter about the
book, to which the daughter bought Dear Mama, Love Sarah for
her coming visit on Mother's Day.  As a surprise, she will read the
book to her mom so the  two sisters can "talk" about it. 

Bernice is ecstatic that they had this "special phone call" and is looking
to share the book over the phone.  Says she can't wait for my next
book to come out and is ready to read Dear Mama again!

What could be more inspiring in our golden, golden years than to
be able to find a good book to share and enjoy.  

PS.  Dear Mama, Love Sarah is set during the revolutionary war
and I don't think for a moment that either sister could be fooled as to
the times and customs of the period since they grew up with the stories
their grandparents told.  Bernice had a new one I hadn't heard of.
Back then, they would butcher a hog and fry pork chops for storing--
immersing the chops in a lard crock pot for storage in the cellar. 
Hmmm. Sarah's Cukes and Bernice's Pork Chops--pretty nifty
wouldn't you say?    

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