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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Editorial - Hetty's Song, the Death of the Skylark

There are many aspects to writing a story from the
Shenandoah Valley, particularly Singer’s Glen.  The
area is a beautiful spot in the American landscape
and the traditions and uniqueness of Singer’s
Glen something to not be forgotten.

I’ve received a number of responses to the advanced
reading copies made available from the publisher
and have been astounded by the many individuals
who relate to similar circumstances in their own
lives or found in those of their kin. In a contemporary
sense, although Hetty’s Song is a fictional historical
novel, many of her experiences are mirrored in life

More important than the commercial side of writing a book, I wanted readers to get to know Hetty for her talent and courage set in a time when women’s achievements may have been discouraged and/or 
hidden from proper acknowledgement.

As one of my friends related after reading the book, “I’ve met Hetty, and I like her.”

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