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Sunday, February 5, 2012


A Devotional in Response to Previous Post on Doors
by Rose Nuernberger

As we think about doors . . . do we often think of the Revolving Door and the Swinging Door? Seldom do we see poems or pictures of these doors.

One might ask, “What do REVOLVING DOORS AND SWINGING DOORS do for us?

Perhaps the first thoughts that come to my mind for REVOLVING DOORS are:

                  #%^^&@ Frustration
                        . . . When do I jump in?
                            . . . Will I get stuck with someone bad?
                                . . . What if I stub my toe and fall?
                                     . . . Will I be squished into mincemeat by someone?


                     . . . Will I be slammed against the wall?
                             . . . Is someone pushing hard the other way?

The good of these doors is to direct the entry of people into a more organized way. But stand outside the doors at five o’clock of a large building and watch. It takes more than revolving and swinging doors to slow down the ever-hurrying people. All they think is that they “have to get here, there, and everywhere.”

For a moment, consider the opposite, the ever-soothing Bible verse:


Kooky thinking in this day and age? Well, I invite you to think about it for a bit. In His time, many people did believe that Jesus was kooky, and they went to the extreme of executing Him on the Cross. When I feel sorrow and frustration that I might never get through the revolving doors of my life,

I must remember that Jesus does know my every need and I must remember

                     . . . I won’t get stuck
                                    . . . God is the great “Pusher”
                                                   . . . Jesus swings the doors open for me.

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